A Quiet Morning


Our story begins with the tradition handed down through the family that our ancestor on the Magann side came from Scotland, was of the Protestant faith and married a Catholic family. What is known for certain is that the descendant of this Magann a John Joseph Magann married in 1903 to Ellen Purfield of the Purfields from the Folkstown area of North County Dublin one of whom, Patrick Purfield father of Ellen ran a store and cab hire business and lived in Lurgan Street. John Joseph Magann was a cab driver and later a licensed car driver and the Magann family lived in Granby Place. Later we find the Purfields in Kings Inn Street and Dorset Street. The marriage record for John Joseph Magann and Ellen Purfield shows John’s father as Francis Magann. Lets call him Francis 1st. His occupation was listed as some type of builder. John Joseph was born in 1873 according to Census 1901 and 1911 and his death record in 1913 states his age as 20 years. John Joseph had a brother Francis 2nd an older sister Mary and a younger sister Margaret and a younger brother Joseph. Census 1901 has records for a Joseph who dies an infant.

Extensive research in all the available records show a Francis Magann a painter from Dorset Street married in 1861 in Saint Mary’s Church of Ireland. His wife was a Catherine Hearn from Great Britain Street and the children were christened there. Catherine Hearns father is listed as William Hearn a shoemaker and Francis Maganns father as Michael Magann a merchants clerk. Therefore the first generation Magann starts with Michael. There is a scarcity of written records which leaves us with little or no information on what became of Francis Magann 1st or his wife Catherine or their other children, siblings of John Joseph, nor is there any information available on the Hearne family. Every effort has been made to locate them in the marriage, death census and emigration records here and whatever is available online but many people and events went unrecorded at that time.

We have been luck to cover 10 generations from present day to the middle of the 1700s with documentary evidence back to 1803 on the Purfield side.

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