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Iron Sky - In 1945 The Nazis Went To The Moon

Iron Sky – Nazis from Space!

Nazis on the dark side of the moon. The Iron Sky movie plot is that in 1945 the Nazis develop antigravity and retreat to the dark side of the moon. Now its 2018, a Nazi invasion is over 70 years in the making and they don’t plan to goose-step accross Europe, this time it’s the world!

Finnish director, Timo Vuorensola and his crew will premier the move at 6pm in the Berlinale on February 2nd 2012. Plot aside, two features make this move special:

  • Iron Sky was made collaboratively by fans over the Internet.
  • Iron Sky was financed in part, by donations.

Fans collaborated to make the movie. Fans joined in creating ideas and content for the movie using the Wreckamovie platform. Wreckamovie does for movie making what Wikipedia did for the encyclopaedia. Founded by Star Wreck Studios in Finland, is web site that makes it possible to collaboratively produce professional quality A/V content of all types: from short films to feature films and to all distribution screens – from Internet and mobile to film theatre. Established in February of 2007 the world’s first feature-length collaborative Internet film, Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning had more than 8 million global downloads.

Paid for in part by donations. While 6.3 million euro in funding was secured through traditional film funding channels 900,000 euro of the budget was raised with crowd funding: securing money from volunteers via merchandise sales, pre-orders and an upcoming investment possibility, which gives you a chance to take part in this movie project.

There’s a lot to be learned when it comes to the future of film, both good and potentially bad. As movie budgets continue upwards, crowd funding offers independent film makers a channel to much needed funding. But call me old fashioned, is the creative aspects of a screenplay is a good idea?

Watch the teaser. If you like what you see demand Iron Sky at a cinema near you.